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if you cannes cannes cannes

oktober 31, 2011

wednesday, and we were ready to hit the city of film –cannes!   

we didn’t really have a plan that day. we just wanted to take in the life and people. and it was a lot of it! it was a nice and warm day, so we got to see the city from its best side. and i would definitely recommend it as a destination even if the festival is not on. the city is beautiful and charming, and i wouldn’t mind seeing it without a million people going loco over some celebs. (which we didn’t do AT ALL!). after hanging around, doing some shopping, eating some crepes

and looking at brochures at the tourist info,

we got the feeling something was about to happen at the great movie theatre. people were lining up and the photographers had formed a wall in front of the red carpet.

we tried to get a view, but it wasn’t easy in the large crowd. but we got to see the large flat screen were they showed everything that went on just some meters ahead of us. the most memorable moment was when a car drove up in front of the photographers, they starting shouting and screaming like crazy, and we saw a wave of white feathers that swayed past them. we looked up on the big screen and saw uma thurman.

a funny thing was also to see the norwegian author linn ullmann on the screen. she was in the jury along with uma thurman, jude law and robert de niro amongst others.  

after getting our celebrity kick, we took the train back home. cameron and preeti went for a early night back at the hotel with some take away, but myself and the husband went downtown to get some dinner. we stralled a bit on the beach promenade, it was a lovely evening in juan les pins. we chose the restaurant helios, which is located at one of the two private beaches owned by hotel helios. the surroundings were heavenly, with lit candle lights, the view of the sea and the best food! i had a artichoke ravioli in white truffle sauce, and it joins in on the list of those food experiences. well worthy a visit! after that we could only float back home, knowing we would remember that meal forever. but not without a round in the local dance place (and with dance i mean hot latino dance), (and with round i mean shithead of course).

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